Plewes Family History and Research

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The material in this site has been assembled by myself, Greg Neid.

Data has been gathered from many sources:

  • Brantford Expositor
  • Halton Newspapers
  • Markdale Newspapers
  • Cemetery Visits
  • the work of Gerald Hunt, an relative of the Plewes family

I take no responsibility for its accuracy. I have made my best efforts to ascertain the correct lineage and and understand the historical perspective. At times, a leap of faith is made in understanding the story. I also build upon the work of others. At times I accept their work at face value. At other times, I may reject their findings.

This is not a commercial venture. I cannot and will not warrant the material contained herein for anything other than the pleasure and interest of those who pursue it.

I have enjoyed the research and hope that you do too.

If you have something to contribute or feel that some of this information is inaccurate, please contact me at:
gneid <at> <at>=@