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Several documents to read:
  1. David Plewes Story (15 meg)
  2. David Plewes Interment (5 meg)
  3. From Milling to Medicine (Brant News, August 6, 1980) (17 meg)
  4. Warners History (published 1883) (16 meg)
  5. James Cleaver (Nancy's father) Segment of Cleaver History (published 1883)

No picture of David Plewes!!
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Reconciling the maps of the late 19th century is tricky. c 1890 David Plewes had the Mills, a warehouse on Colbourne, and an office at Market and Park (Hamilton, now site of Copp's Coliseum). He also owned his "Town House" on Brant Avenue, a "Country Home" on Chestnut, and a House on Newton and another on Napoleon. So, where are all these streets? Napoleon is now the short part of Dufferin bordered by Lorne Crescent. Chestnut is now Dufferin between Lorne Crescent and St. Paul's. Newton is the top of Chestnut Avenue, the single block that touches Palmerston.

Kerby Mills was at Mills Street West and Adelaide. Mills street is now Grad River Avenue, and Adelaide is now Waterloo.

The map also shows the location of the Wesleyan Methodist Church at the corner of Richmond and Brant Avenue (now rental and condo building). David Plewes was a founder of this church. He has also been lavishly praised in the history of the Method church in Canada. In 1925 the Methodists amalgamated with other denominations including some Presbyterians to become the United Church of Canada.