Plewes Family History and Research

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John Plewes (father)179618511851
Anne Stabler Plewes (mother)179718511895
James Plewes (brother)1822c18451887
William Plewes (brother)1828c18451895
Simon Plewes (brother)183018511876
David Plewes (brother)183318511905
Isaac Warcup (brother-in-law)183918541924
Plewes family skills and education:
  • Grist Milling
  • Mill Building
  • Lumber
  • Retail
  • Financing
  • Trade Associations
  • Government
  • Law
  • Book Keeping
  • Church Government
  • Property Acqusition
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
This millstone is outside the Brant Historical Society and museum in Brantford. Its source is not known, but it is typical of a grist mill (flour mill) milling stone from the 19th century.