Our Rooms
RiverView offers several room options:
  • semi-private rooms
  • small private rooms
  • large private rooms
  • suites for individuals or couples
Prices vary depending on location and size start at $2,000.00 per month (telephone and cable television included!). Please call Andrea (519-756-4141) and come in for a tour. It is the only way to know what you may like. All rooms have three and four piece bathrooms. Many have upgrades to special showers that are designed with the elderly in mind.

Also our rooms have special door closers that eliminate those "heavy" doors.

Also, ask about our Safe-Line feature that allows you to wear a "life-line" style pendant for instant communications with our nursing staff.

RiverView is designed with the elderly in mind. No stairs, room to maneuvre, special bathrooms, special fire-safety features.

1871 elegance, with all the features that you would expect in the most modern facility. RiverView!

When love and skill work together, .... 
expect a masterpiece !